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I love the jikook couple. Jus watched their cover of eyes nose lips and I was like Jimin waht are you doing? then I thought back to the boy in luv mv…he’s just special…

So anyone remember LC9? I was wondering whatever happened to them cause they debuted around the same time as bts. And I looked it up and they haven’t disbanded. Apparently they are spars to come out with a full album this year according to this article… which is from 6 months ago…


Well I really liked their debut with MAMA BEAT. and their impressively good English from Korean members in their covers.

Maybe it’s just me. But I do hope they cover back sometime. They were so strange. They took the outer space concept like BAP….but really ran with it :)

You guys, why haven’t I heard anything about this? Where’s the hype? Henry’s such a talented little thing. Have you heard him play piano? Have you heard him play violin?

Have you seen him play violin while dancing?

Do yourselves a favor and look up all these things on youtube, then listen to the Trap album over and over for the next two weeks!


Block B-Jaehyo^^

The evolution of the name Benji.

So we have been watching action movies recently and cam across Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. With Benji who turned out to be one of our favorite characters. We then watched Mission Impossible 3 where he first showed up. 

The strange thing is that I got into this rookie band called B.I.G which is debuting this month and low and behold they have a member named BENJI and added bonus (for my roommate) is that he plays the violin. 



Special guys…

The Dingdong and Hobnob children’s show. Sounds cute doesn’t it? WE thought it would. Both of them are smiley and Dingdong (Jinyoung) can play the guitar. B1a4 has gone on “Hello Baby” before (Which i haven’t seen…) But that’s okay. It would be great for both kids and their mom’s cause these boys are so cute and can really sing! 

(we are probably gonna come up with a theme song eventually)




instead of flirting guys should just start doing weird complex dances in colorful outfits to seduce us like most birds of paradise do to attract mates


what do you think k-pop is


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Okay so Jung Joo Young in Teenager looks and sounds like a mixture of Chanyeol from Exo and Yijung from Histroy.