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me: they're real
me: they're REAL
me: I love them
me: I'm going to cry
me: omg
me: what
me: they're real

it’s only a matter of time

I can’t wait XD This is for Minkky

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Where does your birthday rank?

I…well at least…Most of my biases wouldn’t call me noona. JB - Zelo are younger…but JB”s close enough in age not to call me noona…

Okay can we address how much Jisu from BTL looks like Lay from EXO?

I was on twitter and saw the first image and was like “why is lay with…i actually don’t know who that is…” 

Um…Excuse me aren’t you supposed to be the Maknae you little punk?


Reblog if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Woo Jiho.

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Eric Nam’s reaction to Taeha’s cheeesy answer

THANK YOU! Thank you Eric Fricken Nam for calling out the fangroup crush thing. Not that we don’t love you Speed.

MC: I heard Lee Jongsuk bites a lot, right?

Yuri: He did it when we first met. […] Upon first meeting you would be taken aback by something like that but it was just him showing affection. I wondered what planet he came from after he bit me.

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new workout where wolf is playing really loud a mile away and u need to run and shut it off

You can do it(opening door) for men if you want to attract them!" - Kim Himchan

In which Bang is a feminist and Himchan is just gay