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So Eric FRICKIN Nam is ruining our lives. He’s just so cute. and the song is so catchy. It has been laying in our heads for the last..I don’t even know since it came out maybe? It appealed to pretty much everything my roommate likes.and has killed US since. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do…but if you missed it check it out now. 

(Disclaimer: it might ruin your life now too)

Frankly the same thing happened to me last year with Far Away Young Love by Cclown… and i’m still trying to get it out of my head. 

So this happened. And…and I actually got to see it in person like whoa. My(Minky) first kpop concert and Jongup just rips his shirt open hhah…

Anyway, the concert was AMAZING! I love that B.A.P actually kept with their whole alien concept and all of the little interludes were so cute. I walked out with an intense love for Zelo, he was so endearing! Everything was so cute, and when it wasn’t cute, it was really cool, and when it wasn’t cool, it was really hot. And they did all of my favorite songs! I’m still floating!

And shoutout to all my Chicago Babyz who were respectful when Bang took a moment to honor the Sewol accident victims. You were silent and solemn and when that one girl thought it was appropriate to shout out “I love you Bang!” I was happy to hear several people whisper “shut UP!”

Our hearts are in Korea, but right here in Chicago (well…Merryville) our minds were thoroughly blown by B.A.P!! The world needs LOVE! The world needs YOU!

THe comparison though. Sorry the first isn’t a gif…but i just really love these moments. Minwoo and Bibum are so excited. 

[fanacc] mc asked chanyeol  what does he wants the most now. baekhyun said (softly) - me [BOKU] , and his name in korean [BAEKHYUN] cs x

Do you really have to make that face? …it’s a nice face though…so i can’t say i want him to stop…

And an added bonus:

JJCC! Finally release the MV but Prince Mak was injured so is not in the video. Personally SimBa biased..the name, voice and smile. Easy choice.

MBLAQ’s new video they look so amazingly classy. Then it get’s to the “oh” and “nya ha ha” thing where they make that weird noise and put their hand over their crotch while moving it to the side….which I find hilarious but weird. I like though!

A sketch done on my phone. From one of the myriad of AUs shaebum and I have, Baekyeol are college roommates. Here they are baking, watching horror movies, and making a mess of things as usual!

100% are back! and beautiful and I was wondering if we can take a moment to appreciate the horror…no bloody genre of Kpop that is starting to rise up. Starting as far as I can tell with Vixx. THey have Hyde and VOODOO! GOd I loved that video. And frankly it is an amazing album as well. 

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOG7BexjPjM